Digital X-rays, Intra-Oral Photographs and Imaging

Digital X-rays and Intra-oral Photographs and Imaging

We take a pioneering stance and are always challenging the status quo to continually find ways to deliver exceptional dental care. To this end, we offer you the latest in dental technology including digital x-rays and intra-oral photographs and imaging.

Why are digital x-rays and images important?

We believe that digital radiography is one of the most important developments in dentistry. This is because of the number of benefits that it brings to our patients, including:

  • Better and quicker diagnosis
  • Less exposure to radiation
  • Less damage to the environment from harsh chemicals and waste

Better diagnosis

  • Unlike traditional film, digital x-ray images can be enhanced to allow us to make an extremely accurate diagnosis. We can magnify images, sharpen them, or color them to help us see exactly what’s going on. This means that your treatment is going to be more precise than ever. It’s also possible to superimpose images taken at different times, making it easy to monitor any changes. Being able to store images on your digital file also gives us the ability to bring them up quickly and easily at a later appointment.
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  • Digital x-rays are also much faster to produce so we can diagnose and treat you in much less time. The modern cameras we use are small, making it easy to image the inside of your mouth quickly and efficiently. Digital intra-oral photographs allow us to accurately compare areas of your mouth over time, with the images saved to your patient file. This enables us to diagnose swiftly, record, and monitor your ongoing health and intervene as soon as this may be required.
  • The use of direct digital microscope allows freedom to visualize the mouth under high magnification on a mounted screen. This provides great accuracy in procedures due to an increase in quality of vision, together with the ability for you to see what is being done.

Less radiation

Digital X-rays reduce exposure to radiation by up to 80% compared with traditional film-based X-rays. Although today’s film-based radiography is safe, we are always looking for ways to improve and digital X-rays allow us to minimize exposure to both patients and operators.

Better for the environment

We take pride in looking after the environment. Digital X-ray technology allows us to be more environmentally responsible because it does not use the harsh chemicals needed for traditional X-rays. We also no longer need to take up as much space for storing film X-rays, with all the heating and lighting associated with it, further reducing our environmental footprint.

Technology because we care

Digital X-rays, photography, and microscopy help us provide you with the highest possible levels of service and care. You can rest assure that when you visit us, we have invested in the latest technology. This is because we are invested in you and making sure we are properly equipped to give you the dental health you deserve.

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